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The Harry Crossley Foundation was established just prior to the death of Mr Harry Crossley in 1968. Mr Crossley was an immigrant to South Africa having been born in Elland in the UK in 1896.

Harry left school at the age of 13 but from the age of 11 he was already working part time in the local Mill. He continued his education by attending night school where he developed a proficiency in languages. This led him to work on the continent for a period of three years in his early 20’s. He returned to Yorkshire and eventually, with a small advance from his father, established his own gas engineering company. When his brother joined him the company became known as Crossley Brothers. The company flourished and was eventually relocated just outside of Liverpool. Mr Crossley ceased to be actively involved in the company although he remained a partner until 1965.

He came to South Africa in 1950 and was actively involved investing on the stock market.

Just prior to his death in 1968, Mr Crossley established the Harry Crossley Foundation with instructions to provide grants and bursaries for post graduate academic pursuits and research in all field except for Politics and Religion, at the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University.

Mr Crossley had little formal tertiary education himself but he saw the value and benefit of such endeavours. It is a tribute to him that the very thing he was denied, he has made available to hundreds of others.

Harry Crossley


Harry Crossley was born.


Harry Crossley came to South Africa.


The Harry Crossley Foundation was established.


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